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broncolor Lighting Workshops – How to maximize your own creativity


In February, broncolor will be hosting three lighting workshops, a unique opportunity to learn lighting techniques from the pros. Led by broncolor’s world-famous staff photographer, Nadia Winzenried for high-end commercial and fashion photography using broncolor’s lighting gear as Para 88, Siros Monolights, Scoro and Move. Explore the ways you can leverage this equipment to maximize your own creativity .


We invite you to register now, just click on the link:

New York City – Feb. 16

Atlanta, GA – Feb. 18

Dallas, TX – Feb. 19

Tickets will be available on the day of each workshop for $100. If you pre register today by clicking the above links on your respective city, you can secure your tickets for only $75.

Motorcycle Owners by Dylan Leeder – Studio look outdoors

Amplis_01Dylan Leeder is a photographer that enjoys focusing on the interesting traits and unique characteristics of the people he photographs.

Although no stranger to shooting in studio, it is more common for him to take his craft into the world of his subject. This can make for a more intriguing story and, in some cases, reduce the potential headache of relocating his subjects to an ‘ideal’ Location.

With Dylan’s shooting style it’s important to have reliable and versatile equipment as last minute changes or unexpected hurdles can be very common. He appreciates quality gear as it helps maintain the creative relationship with his subjects, rather than creating distractions from inconsistencies or potentially not providing the demanding requirements of environmental Shooting.

Motorcycle Owners
In my eyes riding a motorcycle instantly makes you cool – that carefree, confidence you see ripping on just two wheels is just so captivating. Knowing this, I always thought it would be interesting to photograph a small catalogue of these people and their rides to get a glimpse of who these people are and what relationship they may have to their bike.

Luckily I live around the corner from Town Moto and with a bit of research I found out that they had an upcoming rally, Mods & Rockers, where Ossington would be lined for blocks with motorcycles and rad people. Perfect.


I knew I wanted to give this a studio look as the best way to highlight the bikes and owners would be to separate them from any distracting backgrounds. I wanted to give the viewers nothing else to look at other than the relation between the bikes and their owners – to give a clean look at what visually makes these people so captivating.


Creating a studio in an alleyway wasn’t an easy task – we had to deal with wind, traffic, long hours, and a constantly changing environment. Thanks to the wonderful people over at Album Studios and broncolor Canada I was able to get ahold of the broncolor Move packs and a few heads – honestly, these things are a godsend in regards to portable lighting.

Each image was lit with the Para 88 as my key light and one head, with the accompanying reflector (that also acts as the protective cap!) for fill. Depending on the subject I would typically just have to adjust my fill by a fraction through my assistant or through the RFS unit on my camera.

Making Ofs

Once we had everything up and running the most difficult part was getting the word out and convincing people to lose their parking spot on the street and joining us in the alley way. But, luckily, once word started spreading we were able to photograph 25 different people with their bike!

Once the shoot was wrapped the only task left was digitally removing all the tire marks on the seamless. No matter what we tried the high traffic of each bike in and out of set made for some pretty brutal marks on our seamless.

Honestly, I can’t get over how awesome it was to have these flashes on set. Each pop was so consistent in terms of light output and colour temperature (making a lot less work in post) and once the sun had set the 200w LED modelling lights made it possible light the set and keep my momentum up to hit the 25 person goal.

Overall the shoot was a great success. We were able to get enough subjects through the set and the gear was perfect to help create that studio look in the alley way.


Big thanks to Kevin Bryan for the assistance and to Elie Dahdouh for the helping hand and behind the scenes photos.

For more info and about Dylan and his work, please visit:

Markus Berger creates multiple looks with Beauty Dish and Move

Dominik Landertinger, Julian Eberhard, Simon Eder, Fritz Pinter, Daniel Mesotitsch and Sven Grossegger - Portrait

Already at the end of last year Red Bull Austria asked me to meet up with their Biathlon Team at their training camp to spend a few days and shoot a complete portfolio for their communications before the season starts.

A perfect plan but unfortunately snow and weather conditions were so bad that we had to postpone the shoot several times. Eventually in January the opportunity came up to shoot the team during the World Cup in Ruhpolding, Germany. At this occasion we certainly didn’t get as much time scheduled as we would have wished for but still enough to at least get a few shots done.

We got a little time frame to gather all athletes at once during their actual recovery time and we took the opportunity to jump out of the hotel and take a team photo right there in the field. I must admit that shooting a Biathlon team on the green is a bit awkward but at the end that was all we got. After the team shot we walked across the street to a little barn we found and shot single portraits and lifestyle shots of all the athletes.

The task was to make them all look individual so we worked our way around that barn and used all kinds of backgrounds and structures to make the images appear as different as possible. Taking portraits of 6 people in a time frame of 1 hour was quite a task and I was literally jumping around and constantly resetting my Move light. For most part I used only 1 light to be able to change and adjust faster and get more done in less time. Daniel Mesotitsch - Portrait

Again the reliability of the Move and the fast recycling times helped me to shoot away and focus on composition and the creative part. For all portraits I used the Beauty Dish because I really like the quality of light and shadow from this light shaping tool. There is so much you can do with it from shooting with really soft light and smooth shadows to even more crisp transitions between light and shadow or dramatic looks using the grid.

More end results


Apart from that I like the beauty dish to use outside because it is not as sensitive for wind as umbrellas or sofboxes and it is setup and adjustable even easier and faster.

Making Ofs


More BLOG’s  from Markus Berger
FC Bayern Basketball – Adidas Portraits – 5 minutes for the “money shot”
Reinventing Winter Sports Action Photography – Red Bull Illume

About Markus Berger
“I am a photographer from Austria specialized in action sports and commercial photography. I have a sports freestyle background and like to bring that into photography. I strive to capture images that are creative but at the same time authentic and true. I like to embrace my inner child and take every shoot as new exciting challenge”.

Pierre Manning Captures the Theatrical Emotion in Action – Cirque du Soleil

Pierre Manning is one of seven photographers at Shoot Studio in Montreal who’s clients consist of Air Canada, Bell, Canada Post, Molson and Cirque du Soleil to name a few.

Pierre and his crew recently had been requested to provide the photography for a new campaign for Cirque du Soleil, Kurios. The mandate was to capture the athletes/performers in action as they would be during the show. The first problem to overcome was the theatrical lighting. The lighting used during the performance is not bright enough to provide stop action photography. The second problem was to recreate the same theatrical lighting in the images as in the performance.


Pierre knows to create stunning images you need a great team. For this undertaking, besides his very knowledgeable crew from Shoot Studios and the amazing performers of Cirque du Soleil, Pierre added the broncolor Scoro and Para 177 to the team. “For my assignment to photograph the excitement of KuriosTM – Cabinet of Curiosities, I relied on the broncolor Scoro flash system – the technology was really important because of the speed of the flash – it can go as high as 1/10,000 second, so it can freeze the movement. The broncolor Para 177 gave me the sharp and strong light that I wanted for this kind of shoot – it allowed me to use the best aperture to capture detail and depth of field, I like to work at f8 for this type of assignment – the sharpest setting for most lenses.”


Making Of


Photos by Pierre Manning © Cirque du Soleil.

For more info about Pierre Manning, Shoot Studio and their spectacular imagery please visit the website:

Become our next Gen NEXT Ambassador – Submissions Now Open for Contest 2015


With the contest broncolor seeks to discover the next group of talented young pro photographers to join their broncolor Gen NEXT program. Welcome to the future of photography. Welcome to broncolor Gen NEXT. Take your chance and submit now!

To be considered, aspiring photographers need to share their most inspiring work by uploading a maximum of three images from any field of photography to the official contest website. The contest is open NOW to submissions from photographers worldwide who are under the age of 30 and seek to push their career to the next level. It will run from January 15th to March 2nd, 2015 and winners will be announced by April 21st.

Those selected as Gen NEXT ambassadors will be kitted out with broncolor equipment to the value of USD 24,000. As part of the two-year program, their work will be showcased on, allowing it to reach a global audience, as well as providing a considerable career boost. The ambassadors’ journeys and more can be followed on the Gen NEXT blog. Here they’ll share their behind-the-scenes secrets of their work as well as providing how-to tutorials on various aspects of creative photography. The ambassadors will also represent broncolor at select events and receive valuable input and support throughout the program.

The Gen NEXT program was successfully launched in May 2014 and currently features five outstanding young photographers from various fields of Photography. Through their inspirational work, they have already received considerable global attention, and are leading the way forward with their work.

To find out who will follow in their footsteps, stay tuned on and to our social channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube & Google Plus.

Click here to enter the contest:
Please read Terms and Conditions

About broncolor Gen NEXT
The broncolor Gen NEXT project showcases a pioneering group of young professional photographers lighting up the future of photography all over the world. Join the current ambassadors Lara Jade (fashion), Benjamin Von Wong (visual storytelling), Jason Jia (fashion), Manuel Mittelpunkt (still life) and Dustin Snipes (sports) as they share behind-the-scenes insights, lighting tutorials and flashes of inspiration from their respective photography fields.

Lighting up and freezing Dougie Lampkin – 12x World Champion Motorbike Trials Rider

Dougie Lampkin - Action
Dougie Lampkin is a twelve time world champion motorbike trials rider who realized his dream of riding the ice obstacles of the Snow Village ice hotel in Finland. Red Bull UK helped him create all kinds of tricky set ups to ride that required tyres with spikes, which Dougie ended up making himself.

Dougie Lampkin - Action

The shoot was tricky because of the very limited space in the icy halls, there was not nearly enough light to freeze the action, so I relied on two Move packs with grids and a beauty dish to do the work for me. The grids allowed me to still have the surrounding LED coloured lights give some colour to the ice, which is a characteristic of this unique sculpture made by ice carve artists from all over the world.


End results


Making Ofs with Rutger Pauw


More about Rutger Pauw

The Royal Madness – A Personal Christmas Work by Thomas Fähnrich


2 months for preparation. 6 weeks of planning. Then finally the shooting day. For the realisation of this Christmas project, the model agency FAVoriteFaces approached me and Ruth Spiller (Concept & Post production) directly. After defining the final Image idea, Ruth and I started to work and prepare each single detail. Our goal was to tell as many stories as possible in one image.

Everyone knows Christmas as a celebration of love. It all revolves around the family, eating, exchanging presents, telling stories and laughing together.

But not with this family. In a very special location, all of the members are spending time by themselves. There is the girl which is completely mad about her present and decides to cut the hair of the doll. The Grandfather, who would love to go hunting and cleans his rifle. Or the Grandmother who survives the evening by drinking egg liqueur.

As a location we had the chance to shoot in a water castle near Cologne, which was discovered and booked by the FAVoriteFaces agency. For the Styling and Setdesign we engaged a very well-known Stylist from Düsseldorf – Rolf Buck.

Making Ofs


Hair & Makeup artist: Eva Mittmann & Nadine Eckstein – Project Assistant: Antje Peuckmann, Holger Augustyniak und Marcel Kamps

Every model and each detail had to be photographed individually to get the required film look. The circumstances on location made it impossible to make a 1:1 shoot. To compose the final image Ruth Spiller combined the 45 single shots into one impressive Christmas picture.

Gear to light up this Project
Power packs: 1x Scoro, 2x Grafit, 1x Move
Lamps: 4 Pulso, 1 MobiLED,1 Ringflash
Light shapers: 1 Para 177, 1 Striplight 30×120, 3xP70 reflectors (with colour filters)

More about Thomas Fähnrich

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