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Picolite Kit Summer Promotion – free Snoot with Accessories


Picolite small lamp is a highly compact unit for modifying lighting characteristics with absolute precision in many different settings.

The Picolite is part of a complete range of accessories emphasizing lightweight design, intuitive operation and proven convenience. Compatible with all broncolor power packs, the Picolite system maximizes creativity and efficiency by offering many different lighting characteristics to professional photographers. A Pulso adapter makes the Picolite compatible with broncolor reflectors and accessories.

Featuring a convenient knob for adjusting the light angle between 15 and 35°, the Fresnel Spot Attachment (available separately as 33.631.00) is ideal for small set-ups and produces a collimated light for close-range shots.

A free Snoot (available separately as 33.641.00) for projecting fine lines, patterns, gobos and slides on surfaces and objects and a free Attachment with three honeycomb grids and two aperture masks illuminating small ar­eas (available separately as 33.204.00) are also included in the offer.

Measuring only 15 x 25 x 18.5 cm (5.9 x 9.8 x 7.2”), the Picobox (available separately as 33.128.00) is a hard-sided modifier with a frosted acrylic front. It creates very homogenous light on shiny surfaces, without a hot spot, giving photographers excellent control over product and still life highlights. Its compact size is excellent for jewelry and timepiece photography.

broncolor’s online “How To” tutorials feature widely respected professional photographers such as Nadia Winzenried and Urs Recher sharing advice and specialist insight on achieving excellent photography results with the broncolor products. How- Topics covered include spot-like illumination, creating unique high-contrast portraits with the Picobox and useful approaches for solving lighting challenges for still lifes, food and product advertising images.

Picolite_How To

For more information about the “How To” tutorials, go to Click here for more Picolite Light Examples or get info about new “How To’s”

Picolite_How To_2

The above new video, “Inspirational Light Shaping – Picolite System” is being released today as part of the promotion campaign at broncolor YouTube channel. Rounding out the launch of the special Summer Promotion for the Picolite Kit, a new Picolite Web brochure is being made available starting today with a complete description of the features and specification of Picolite System products and related accessories compatible with the kit. The brochure also presents several “How To” tutorials describing how the Picolite System can optimize results for specific photographic subjects and lighting conditions.

This special limited-time offer from July 15 through October 31 delivers outstanding value for the Picolite small lamp, a Fresnel projection spot and a Picobox. broncolor will include one Attachment with three honeycomb grids and two aperture masks as well as a trolley Light bag at no additional cost (total savings CHF 523.00). Customers should specify the part number 32.022.XX to take advantage of this sales campaign.

Faces behind the Voices – One Portrait Look

About two years ago, I came up with this idea which was to give a face to Germany’s most famous voices. In the meantime, an exhibition tour, an illustrated book and an app have resulted from the long-term interactive project entitled ‘Faces behind the Voices’.
I am a portrait and celebrity photographer from Berlin, which photographed the 30 best- known voices and finally gave anonymity a face. Everybody knows their voices from films, series, audiobooks or advertising – yet hardly anybody knows the true faces behind the voices. It signals to all the international readers that synchronisation in Germany is of an extremely high standard, in fact, in my view, it is of the highest standard worldwide.



My approach and way of thinking had always been big, and I was only prepared to use the best possible equipment. I communicated with broncolor and PhaseOne for precisely this reason and was supported right from the beginning. I thought long and hard about how I, as a detail-loving studio photographer, was going to communicate the theme of the message into the portraits. It quickly became very clear to me that I had to convey this solely through expression and light.

The voice actors were to look neutrally at the camera. In addition, they were asked to wear a plain black top. The intent was that the visitors of the exhibition were not to be distracted from the essence of the image by facial expressions or clothing, i.e. each voice actor could really be anyone.


Due to the fact that the close-up face is the most important feature of this project, I put a photographically strong focus on it which is why I chose to change my usual lighting structure somewhat. Portraits live from the expression in the eyes, and, for this reason, I set a subtle, but very important eye reflection, from below using an Octabox 150cm.

The main light comes slightly from the right and is created by a Para 88, driven by the Move 1200L with the MobiLED flash. To better emphasise the cheeks and shoulders, I brightened them up from the left and from the right – this was the advertising photographer in me coming out. In addition, I continued working with shadow to make the whole close-up portrait even more alive – after all, an image lives from light and shadow.

I lit the portraits using a PhaseOne IQ280 and the Schneider Kreuznach LS 80mm.

All the information on the tour, the app, the speakers and the private viewings can be found at: You can purchase the illustrated book here:


Marco Justus Schöler was born in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. After discovering his love for photography, he decided to move his life and work to Berlin in 2011. There, he rapidly built up a viral network. Marco is an autodidact – he learned everything about his craft by “doing it.” He takes the bold approach, tackling tasks without fears or reservations.

Siros L Live Shoot Event with Fashion Photographer Georges Antoni

On May 31st, SUNSTUDIOS Sydney celebrated the launch of the new broncolor Siros L monolight with a Live Shoot Experience Event with Georges Antoni.

Georges set the difficult task of creating and capturing a 6-page movement-based fashion story in under an hour.

Despite wet weather conditions, 100 guests came out to get involved and witness one of Australia’s top fashion photographers in his element. Georges and crew roamed around the premises, utilising the atrium and outdoor courtyard as locations to capture the story, shooting on the Canon EOS-1DX Mark II as his assistants held the Siros L, the recently released battery powered monobloc from broncolor.

Bron-Canon-DPS-1_jpeg Bron-Canon-DPS-2_jpeg Bron-Canon-DPS-3_jpeg Bron-Canon-DPS-4_jpeg

Guests snacked on cups of fresh soup and sausage rolls and watched eagerly as Georges and crew pulled together the story – shooting and laying out on the spot.

The story was then printed and mounted in the showroom for all to see. The showroom was transformed into an arena perfect for testing out the capabilities of the Canon EOS-1DX Mark II, allowing guests to get their hands on the gear to give it a proper test drive.


About Fashion Photographer Georges Antoni
Georges Antoni is one of Australia’s most successful and sought after fashion photographers, with an international reputation for beautifully constructed and stylised photographs that sees him shooting for the likes of Versace, David Jones, Myer, Peter Alexander and Hugo Boss. His work has appeared in magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Grazia and Oyster, and he has worked with high-profile models and celebrities including Rihanna, Miranda Kerr, Jennifer Hawkins and Dita Von Teese. He talks with Career FAQs about life as a photographer, important career lessons and being a judge on Australia’s Next Top Model.

Skateboarding – UV Project series “Beneath the Surface” by Markus Berger

Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-29 um 10.21.46

At the end of last summer I shot another part of my UV project series „Beneath the Surface“. This time it was skateboarding that was at stake and no other than Philipp Schuster from Vienna, Austria joined me to capture skateboarding in a different light.

Philipp is a photographer himself and a austrian skateboarding legend. That made it quite easy for me to convince him for this project and his help on finding the location and also to finalize the visual idea of the shot was amazing. Apart from that we also involved streetartist Christian Tanzer who came up with the graphic idea and the execution of it as well.

Few weeks before the shoot I came to Vienna to check some skate spots together with Philipp – eventually we ended up choosing a DIY spot which is a location that was designed and built by skaters themselves.

A day before the shoot I went on location to spray paint the whole area in a light grey so we would have a clean canvas for the shooting day and for Christian to place his graphic ideas. On the shoot day we were facing some communicational problems which resulted in all three of us being on different locations in Vienna at the same time. However this incident gave me the opportunity to buy more colors which at the end was crucial for finishing the graphic off. We were lucky to have the most beautiful weather and vibes on site were also chill and relaxed. So we spent a afternoon painting and supporting Christian.


Behind the Scenes

When the sun dropped we started shooting and after a few attempts we got the shot we wanted. Every time it is a special moment when the broncolor UV lights flash for the first time and you see the entire image illuminated for the first time. Everybody was stoked and the result gets even more depth because of the meaningful graphics that actually tell part of Philipps personal Story.

The action is a simple but huge Ollie which is supposed to be a basic trick but still it came out simple and impressive at the same time.

We ended our session with some portraits and it was again such a cool experience to see something evolve out of nothing just by three guys working together for a day. It definitely makes you feel alive and satisfied at the end and for sure this is quality time spent you ll never regret.



More Stories from the Project “Beneath the Surface”

Ice Climbing UV Shoot
Soap Bubbles BMX flatland legend Viki Gomez captured with UV and HMI lights


Condom Challenge – Stop the Motion with Move


This project is a personal project which means that there is no client involved. I do personal projects from time to time so that I can evolve my photography and retouching techniques and to be able to do images just the way I want them.

When you do images for a client you often haves specific request on image style, what the image should contain etc. So personal project gives a huge artistic freedom. Another reason I created this is to market myself as an artist, I had a feeling that this would go viral. One night I was lying in my bed and I couldn’t sleep and I just got an ide to create this awesome and fun portrait series with a condom challenge theme, since the condom challenge was still viral I thought I would create it as soon as possible. I got the idea 25th of november 2015 and I knew that I had to publish this project before christmas 2015 to get the viral momentum. So I had one month to find 11 models that would be willing to have a condom full of water dropped on the head, with the potential of being seen all over the world. I also had to arrange clothing for the models, find the time to photograph the project, retouch and publish the project. So the there was a tight deadline. One month is a short period of time for a personal project, specially when you want create a professional result.


Condom Challenge
The condom challenge is a challenge where you drop a water filled condom on a persons head with the goal to make it stick on their head. Kind of bizarre challenge but it’s quite fun. The Condom Challenge went viral in 2015 and you can find hundreds of videos on youtube.

There were several challenges with creating this image series. The first is to be technically “freeze” (stop the motion) of the water and artistically make it look good. I created this with special professional flash (light) equipment that basically can stop any motion. For that I used a broncolor Move 1200 flash pack with up to 1/20.000 of a second. Another challenge is finding somewhere to shoot this because dropping 50 condoms filled with water makes can flood an entire room. I ended up buying a huge inflatable pool, I placed a chair in the middle of the pool and had the model sit on the chair, this way I would ensure that my whole photo studio wouldn’t be filled with water. One of the models would stand on a portable stair case and on my command they would drop the water filled condom and I had to have a precise timing to take the picture when the condom was at the right level. I used a 150cm cm octabox from front/right and a 30x120cm strip box from the back with honeycomb grid to get a nice back light. I always shoot tethered to my Mac Pro so that I can review the images on a larger screen, I also have an external backup of the images at the same time. [more…]

CHAIRS by Alexander Pawlowski – The Magic of the Para 222

As a people and advertising photographer based in Hamburg, Germany, I recently released my first Fine Art Series.

The series CHAIRS is a tribute to the connection between human being and design. In photographic still lives, human subject and artificial design object merge.

For that topic it was without alternative to use the best and most reliable photographic material I could get. Without a doubt this had to be my Hasselblad H5D system and my trustworthy and beautiful Broncolor Para 222.

To clear this up first: I don’t get any money for this article. I simply fell in love with the Para 222 since I first used and bought it – in my opinion the best and most versatile lightformer for what I do as a people photographer.

The Para was the only light I used for the main subject in the CHAIRS shootings. I did not use any aditional reflectors and I simply added one more flash for the background in the white motive of CHAIRS #4. That’s it. I set the flashlight in the Para to mid-focused so I could get a threedimensional light characteristik – not too hard shadows, not too flat surfaces.

The position of the Para was centred about 3-4 meters in height and 4-5 meters away from the main subject. [more…]

BMX-er Ben Lewis – Inspiring Siros 800 L Shoot with Rutger Pauw

Broncolor Siros L in action

Transcontinenta BV, the distributor of broncolor in the Netherlands, introduced in May the battery monolight Siros L. The broncolor Siros L is one of the most powerful compact, mobile and versatile monolights and now featured with an integrated battery. This new fantastic product actually ‘screamed’ for a good and practical test according to Transcontinenta, because, as the British tend to say: “The proof off the pudding is in the eating”. No sooner said than done.

In early June Dutch Red Bull photographer Rutger Pauw packed his camera gear and the broncolor Siros 800 L Outdoor Kit and left for Liverpool. As one of Rutger’s specialties is capturing’s BMX riders, he knows the English top BMX rider Ben Lewis and persuaded him to be a ‘model’ for this inspiring live outdoor photoshoot with the new broncolor Siros 800 L. The Siros 800 L is, just like the smaller version Siros 400 L, a true genius in providing optimal light for demanding outdoor photographers. Perfect for outdoor use on site due to the integrated battery. Never short off power!

Broncolor Siros L in action

The cooperation between Rutger Pauw, Siros 800 L Outdoor Kit and Ben Lewis resulted in inspiring and spectacular images. The Siros 800 L proves during the photoshoot in Liverpool its services and utility as shown in the images taken by Rutger. The versatility, mobility combined with the compactness and light weight of this outdoor combination outdoor really impressed Rutger Pauw without any doubt. Rutger’s adventure with the Siros 800 L was also captured by videographer Matty Lambert in a short inspirational video. No boring “tech talk” but Rutger, Ben and Siros 800 L plus plenty of action as it should be.

Broncolor Siros L in action

More about Red Bull photographer Rutger Pauw

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