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Dramatic look of Muay Thai Ahtlete Christin Fiedler “Spirit, discipline and power”


In December I got the opportunity to shoot with amazing Muay Thai athlete Christin Fiedler of Austria. The aim was to create images that are strong and reflect the spirit, discipline and power of this martial art.

Christin is also supporting an initiative of the IFMA ( that is called „Strong hands stop violence against woman and girls“ and some of the images were also planned for their support. We were invited by RS Gym in Salzburg to use their trainings facility for the shoot and that gave us lots of space and saved lots of time too.

For the shoot I setup a black background and two Move 1200 L units with three heads mixed with standard reflectors and a softbox. To be able to light up both sides of the athlete I used a 10 meter extension cable for one of the heads.

141208-Christin_dsc_3320 as Smart Object-1

As a main light I choosed the Beauty dish with a grid to have more of a spotlight and a dramatic fall off of the light on Christin. The other lights helped to shape the sandbag and also add dimension to the athletes body.


Usually for this type of studio setups I always try to have an assistant on site especially also to help with special effects like fog, water or anything crazy I usually like to add.

Unfortunately on this day I was left by myself and used the self timer, remotes and fast acrobatic body control to manage all tasks on set. For some of the shots involving water spray or a fog machine I kept the camera on a tripod and fixed the angle and framing. Then I set a timer of 10 seconds and a recording rhythm of 5 images total with 1 image per second.


That gave me enough time after triggering the camera to get in my spot and start with spraying water or handling the fog machine. As you can see on some of the outtakes I didn’t always get exactly out of the frame but strangely appeared here and there. Mostly difficult for sure was however the timing for Christin to hit the bag in the very moment the camera would trigger the shutter. Eventually after several tries the timing was dialed in and we started to work on details like exact body position, look, special fx…

One of the main shots was planned as a commercial composite and ended up being edited by a retoucher friend from vienna ( – we wanted to create a fire storm action image with a very strong dramatic look but an authentic style. I shot the action on the plain black background and the rest was then added in Photoshop.

It was quite funny to see what you can accomplish in photography even if you are on site all by yourself. There always seems to be a way to make things happen and to find solutions on the go. Therefore I also love the Move Packs, because they allow me being easily able to change setups or locations in no time. For this reason we were also able to save time and to work with some UV light at the end of the shoot and come up with a black and white UV punch photo involving a completely different look compared to the rest of the images.

-Markus Berger



Boxing Kids in Cape Town

It`s a shipping container placed behind a shopping centre in Cape Town’s township “Philippi”, the kids come after school to train and learn how to box – for free.

They use this facility as there is really not a lot to do in the area, this facility keeps the children off the streets and they learn how use their time and energy in a positive way. They also learn about rules, boundries, discipline, exchange and respect.

“I worked with a broncolor Move 1200 L and 2 Octaboxes of 150 cm and 75 cm with light grid. I took a white cardbox as reflector and a black fabric for the background”, says photographer Sandro Bäbler. “I was happy to have the Move with me, as there was no mains supply in the Boxing Club and the battery pack was the best choice I could bring with me.

The Coach of the Club is working for free and he was very touched by the fact, that someone was interested in his work with the kids and even was found of making a real photo project of it. One week after the shooting we brought the prints to the Club and we offered for every kid a school bag.

Making Ofs

More end results

It was a great pleasure for me to combine this project with a good human action. The happiness was huge and the kids were so proud about the prints hanging in the club and very grateful for the new school bags.


Check out Sandro Bäbler’s new Website
and navigate through his last extraordinary project SURFERS

Monolight Siros lighting kit review and Giveaway – Videos and Quiz by Karl Taylor

Karl Taylor started to post in February a new series of videos tutorials about our new monolight Siros. Take your chance and answer Karl’s questions from below QUIZ until 23rd February and maybe YOU are the lucky winner of a Siros Lighting Kit! 


from Karl Taylor
There are four video tutorials for you to share and enjoy about the latest broncolor Siros Lighting Kit. On the last day (Friday 6th Feb. 2015) I will also add a simple competition quiz for you to enter for a chance to win. (Competition closes on 23rd Feb. 2015.)

Watch & Share the video tutorials and enter the quiz for a chance to win this Siros Lighting Kit worth over $3600!





To win this broncolor Siros Lighting Kit, simply answer the 4 multiple choice questions correctly (The answers are in the videos) and share at least one of the videos. Each video will have various share options beneath it. You can have as many attempts as you want and share as frequently as you like. The team and I will select a winner by random on the 23rd Feb. 2015.

Siros Lighting Kit Competition Schedule

Siros Review

The Art of Shooting Underwater Portraits

On October 2014 I was invited by Red Bull Austria to a Photography Workshop at the Zooom Studio in Fuschl am See. I was there 3 weeks doing different things for outdoor and Studio Photography.

In this time we arranged a photoshoot with Austrian Red Bull Kayaker Viktoria Wolfhardt. I wanted to do something different, not the usual photos on the river, so I thought to do all the session underwater, to give a surreal mood to the images, and to show Viktoria on her usual environment, the water.

The first idea was to make the shoot at Fuschl lake, but after a preshoot to try the lights we figure out that it was hard to do the shoot near the shore because the water was not that clear. After that we scout some swimming pools and the best was on Hotel Ebners Waldhof at fuschl. It was a perfect place not too deep so it was easy to move around, and the space out of the water was perfect to move the strobes around.


After a a pre shoot with Viktoria at Zoom studio, preparing al the details for the real shot under water, we went to the pool. We had only three hours to do the entire shoot, from the set up, shooting and clean everything. Using broncolor equipment helped me a lot, the strobes are so easy and fast to set up and work with.

I used two broncolor Moves for the shot, I wanted to keep it simple to be able to move the set up and try different things easily. On one strobe I used a Beauty dish as main light, and on the other a zoom reflector as a back light. I filled the shadows with a gold sun bounce reflector to give some gold contrast to the blueish cast of the water.

For the action photo the light set up was a challenge because al the light was coming from down (she was upside down,  on the water) and that most of the time give a creepy look. To solve this issue, I mounted a grid on the Beauty dish to direct the light to the reflector down on the water that would be now my main light. The grid worked perfectly for directing the light and the Move heads where really light, that helped a lot to move the strobe around and try different lighting angles.


Juan Luis de Heeckeren
is a chilean photographer born in Santiago, Chile in 1987. He has dedícated most of his life practicing action sports and capturing images about it, mostly around Chile. In his continual tracking of athletes in epic places, Juan Luis has captured most of the chilean sports scene at perfect landcapes and conditions for the practice of the action sports.


Banshee Love – How to create a phantasmal atmosphere

The inspiration for this fashion editorial came to me from the Celtic mythology of the Banshee. According to popular Irish belief, this is a female spirit from the other world, whose appearance heralds an imminent death in the family. The mood of my editorial was to accurately reflect this spiritual aspect. However, I also wanted to expand the story a bit and make a kind of love story out of it. Thus, Cromm Cruach, the god of the underworld and of death, is beguiled by two banshees.

I thought about how I could best create a phantasmal atmosphere in my pictures. What actually makes an image ghostly?

My thoughts were that the contours and textures of the people needed to merge with the surroundings. A spiritual being often appears to be somewhat transparent – but, how does one shoot transparent?
In order to resolve the contours, I used a hazer. Anyone who has been out in fog is sure to have noticed that the contours and textures of objects can be difficult to recognise.

However, this alone was not quite enough for me as I found this effect to be too weak, even on a white background. I did not want to use more fog because I would have lost too much sharpness. Thus, I had to come up with something else. In order to enhance the ghostly mood, I thought about using long exposure. Everyone knows that a moving subject is blurred with a long exposure – for example, if one photographs a moving car, you only get a trail.

I made use of this. I worked on a long exposure and moved my camera whilst shooting. For this to work, the modelling light must, of course, be turned on. Thanks to the Move 1200L, I even had the advantage that the modelling light has the same colour temperature as the flash. So, my models were moving and I moved my camera; after all, I did need a sharp image in addition to the desired effect. This therefore meant that I also had to trigger a flash during the exposure – broncolor’s flash was absolutely ideal for this.


With so much movement, it is great if you have a flash with a super-fast flash duration as there are so many factors, such as long exposure, mist, moving models and a moving camera, which blur the image. I wanted to have at least one moment in which the image is sharp when the flash triggers. This is my only sharp moment, so to speak. Therefore, the faster the t0.1 flash duration, the sharper the moment; with my Move 1200L this is at 1/8500s. Anyone who has a Scoro S even has 1/10000s. If one compares these values with those of the competitors, you realise that it is precisely these details which make the difference.

The lighting situation itself was really not difficult; I used the normal P70 reflectors to light the background, and the Softbox 120 x 180cm to illuminate everything as softly as possible.

Equipment used:
Move 1200L
P70 Reflectors
Softbox 120 x 180cm


Photographer: Fabio Gloor

Paras on Stage – Lighting up “Dancing with the Stars” on National Channel TF1

Seeing the success achieved by TF1 with its Programme Dancing with the Stars, broncolor France provided equipment to recreate the atmosphere of a photographic studio. Working together with the TF1 set designer, we decided to use large light shapers to give high picture quality as well as a feeling of space.

So for the entire duration of the shootbroncolor France provided various parabolic reflectors ranging in size from Para 88 to Para 330.

The assistants had to deal with the following constraints:

–           Assembly and disassembly of the reflectors in just a few minutes with no risk of damage

–           The installation of a relatively hot light source indoors

–           Rapid transfer of the reflectors from one studio to another

These limitations posed no problem for broncolor and everything ran very smoothly throughout the 8 weeks of shooting thanks to the skilled personnel and efficiency of the production company TF1.


Johnny Halliday

To conclude the first part of the season, TF1 asked  to install parabolic reflectors as decoration for the arrival of guests to the programme of the celebrated French singer Johnny Hallyday. This background decoration added a touch of brilliance to the evening which was received with great enthusiasm by the audience.


broncolor Lighting Workshops – How to maximize your own creativity


In February, broncolor will be hosting three lighting workshops, a unique opportunity to learn lighting techniques from the pros. Led by broncolor’s world-famous staff photographer, Nadia Winzenried for high-end commercial and fashion photography using broncolor’s lighting gear as Para 88, Siros Monolights, Scoro and Move. Explore the ways you can leverage this equipment to maximize your own creativity .


We invite you to register now, just click on the link:

New York City – Feb. 16

Atlanta, GA – Feb. 18

Dallas, TX – Feb. 19

Tickets will be available on the day of each workshop for $100. If you pre register today by clicking the above links on your respective city, you can secure your tickets for only $75.

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