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Iouri Podlatchikov, Half-pipe Olympic Gold Winner, & Hitsch Haller by Gian Paul Lozza

Iouri Podlatchikov by Gian Paul Lozza

London-based photographer, Gian Paul Lozza, went back to his roots in sports photography and had a shoot with Iouri Podlatchikov and Hitsch Haller on the Saas Fee’s glacier. Lozza is famous for his staged action-sports pictures and so is it normal that a lot of light was used for this shooting. 

The shooting took place in the autumn, so it was only possible to shoot during daytime as, due to the long ways and no infrastructures on a glacier, is it extremely difficult to do night shootings. However, the goal was to get some moody pictures which looked like they had been shot in full moonlight.

For this idea and these problems, there is just one solution:  broncolor’s Scoro Packs. This is because Scoros are the only packs where you can control the flash duration time. In action-sports photography, it is usual to want to have as fast a duration time as possible, which you can do with Scoros flash cut-off technology. However, for this shooting idea, this technology would not have been the right thing because of the strong light from a glacier’s midday sun.

Making Ofs

With Pocket Wizard’s new TT5 transceivers, it is also possible to sync flashes up to 1/8000s shutter speed, but you need flashes with a slow duration time and a lot of power; this is where Scoro packs are also unbeatable as, with Bron’s flash cut-off technology, it is also possible to make the flash duration time extra-long which is what was needed for this idea. Moreover, with Twin Heads you can sync two power packs up to 6400J which is enough power even when compared to the midday sun on a glacier.
So, Lozza shot everything with four Scoro packs, two Twin Heads and a shutter speed of 1 /4000s.

In addition to all this technology, you just need good riders to get great images and, with Iouri and Hitsch, we had some of the best in the world to work with.

End results

Equipment used
4 broncolor Scoro packs
2 broncolor Pulso Twin heads with Beauty dish and P70 reflector

Gian Paul Lozza Website:

GUERLAIN “How To” Video – Premium light with HMI 800 and Para 177

GUERLAIN Video by Damien Krisl

After the big success of his fashion short Urban Hippie, which received several awards and even more nominations worldwide, Damien Krisl is now shooting for big brands like Citroen DS and Guerlain. He is a rising star in the world of film commercials and an expert for making people and objects glow and shine. He is on pitches for big commercial campagnes and in competition with established star directors like Karina Taira and Bruno Aveillan.

“For this video, the agency asked for a very clear and classic beauty look: bright, glossy and soft.

We had to light the model perfectly – so that the post-production department would not need to retouch her skin and her shadows at all. The lighting that they had used in the past was mainly based on the usage of Kino Flos, the resulting skin was a bit too flat in my opinion.

So I used a Para 177. That way we had a huge light resource for the model’s face and the background. Her skin was evenly lit with soft shadows – but not too flat. By using silver para reflection, we retained the highlights and the glow on her skin and achieved nice round white reflections in her eyes, which made the shots very premium.

Making Ofs

With the new Bron 800 HMI’s it was possible to mount a continuous light in the Para 177 light shaper, which is intended for use by professional photographers only. Our modification allowed us to use it for filming. It made our work on set much easier and delivered great results.

More films by Damien Krisl, check out his website

Red Bull Illume: Lighting up Atlanta – Skateboard Shoot with Scott Markewitz

The Red Bull Illume Exhibition celebrated ist return to US soil Altanta’s Piedmont Park. The opening night dazzled more than 3’000 guests who strolled through the park and took in the sights of 25 life-sized, illuminated lightboxes featuring 50 of the best action and adventure sports photographs in the world.

To mark the occasion, the Red Bull Air Force skydived into the park and the lightboxes were unveiled as they landed. Attendees were also treated to performances from Red Bull athletes and live broncolor photo demonstrations by professional photographers. Among the attending Red Bull Illume photographers were Zak Noyle, Dave Lehl, Ryan Taylor, Jimmy Wilson and Theodore Van Orman. Scott Markewitz was one of the professional photographers shooting a live event with skateboard athletes. In the video he explains how he made his light set-up and why he loves to work with the move and the para’s.

Scott Markewitz Tour Stop AtlantaScott Markewitz is a capacity in action sports photography – learn how he made his light set-up

“The best part about being at the Red Bull exhibit in Atlanta for me is getting to enjoy the adventure portrayed in the photo from the outside and sharing the experience with other people,” said Rafa Ortiz, a kayaking athlete featured in a wining photo displayed in the exhibit.”

broncolor’s Educational Tool – HOW TO with multiple light examples

What is
How To?
It is a new section on broncolor’s Website with multiple light examples made with broncolor light shapers. You have the choice to select a product and explore different light examples made with these products or to select a sample photo and find out how it was made.

The concept in HOW TO is to show a nice image and explain about the set-up and the shoot and to make it visual with a set-up diagram. broncolor has invested a lot of effort in this project and we will continue to create light examples very regularly.


Have a look at Karl Taylor’s and Urs Recher’s LIVE light examples.

In Video PART 1 topics of the live shoot are Necklace & Beauty. More Videos will follow with other topics as flash painting, glass shoot, still life and cutlery on our broncolor YouTube channel Stay tuned! Note: if you follow us on Facebook, you will always see the latest light examples on the Website.

How To Video - Part 1 - Necklace & BeautyPart 1 – Live Examples Necklace & Beauty with Karl Taylor and Urs Recher 

Explore How To on broncolor’s Website:

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“I start there, where Google Earth stops” – ROBOPHOT Art Cartography with Scoro S

The Swiss photographer, Daniel Boschung, zooms into the microcosm and maps faces and paintings. Using an industrial robot, he shoots 600 macro photos and puts them together using sophisticated software.”

On the big picture, tiny details appear up to 20 times bigger and sharper. Thus, structures are revealed which cannot be seen by the naked eye. The high-resolution images are accessible worldwide via the internet.


How does one photograph a painting of 60 x 60 cm at a resolution of 4900 gigapixels? (70,000 x 70,000 pixels). A good reflex camera has a resolution of 24 gigapixels. How does one present the 14 GB-size file on the internet without having to download data for hours on end? How can one look instantly at the smallest details on the internet in a 25-time magnification and compare them with other paintings?

Recipe Idea:
One takes an industrial robot and equips it with a Canon reflex camera and a telecentric macro lens. It takes photos 2348 times in a one second rhythm which are lit colour-constantly by the 3200 S broncolor Scoro. My conclusion: only the Scoro S can endure this extreme stress whilst ensuring colour fastness, cadence and a short flash burning rate/flash duration. One then puts the individual items together, attaches them to form a whole and uploads it all onto the internet.

Example Butterfly

Example Flowers

Example Oil Paiting Tree

Learn more about the Robot:

Read last Blog Story about the Robot:

Daniel Boschung on Facebook:

“Details – larger than life. Robophot starts discovering the world where Google Earth stops flying!”

For Robot inquiries contact:
Daniel Boschung
Art and Face Cartographer
Limmatstrasse 73
8005 Zürich

Red Bull Illume Tour Stop Atlanta, Piedmont Park – From today until March, 30


The Red Bull Illume kickoff event will be today at approximately 8 p.m. as the sun sets over Piedmont Park. To mark the occasion, the Red Bull Air Force will skydive into the park – the light boxes will be unveiled as they land. Attendees will also be treated to performances from Red Bull Athletes and live broncolor photo demonstrations by Scott Markewitz by professional photographers. The Red Bull Illume exhibition is free to attend and open to the public.

Red Bull Illume Photographers in attendance:  
Zak Noyle, Dave Lehl, Ryan Taylor and Theodore Van Orman.

Red Bull Athletes in attendance:  
BMX Flatland star Terry Adams; legendary wakeboarder Parks Bonifay; fixed gear freestyle expert Josh Boothby; women’s wakeboarding pioneer Dallas Friday; surfer Evan Geiselman; wakeskating pioneer Brian Grubb; award-winning wakeskater Ben Horan; whitewater kayaking prodigy Dane Jackson; kayaker Pat Keller; legendary BMX street rider Corey Martinez; kayaking legend Rafa Ortiz; and pro fixed gear star Addison Zawada.

Directions to the venue:
Piedmont Park, Atlanta’s “Common Ground” since 1904, is located approximately 2 miles northeast of downtown Atlanta. The park runs along 10th Street. Red Bull Illume is located off 10th, on Charles Allen Drive. Spectators are encouraged to arrive by MARTA – the nearest MARTA station is Midtown, located just a few blocks from the Park. Upon exiting the Midtown Station, take 10th Street towards Peachtree Street and continue on 10th until you reach Charles Allen. Turn left on Charles Allen and enter the park and you will arrive at the exhibition.

Twins Aida & Leva – Cape Town Shoot by Sandro Bäbler

Sandro Bäbler
It was less than three years ago that Sandro Bäbler from Glarus became a freelance photographer. In the meantime this 28-year-old has become much sought-after. He regularly receives assignments from well-known magazines and fashion companies.

“During the European winter I was in Cape Town for a total of 10 weeks. Aside from jobs for customers and magazines, I had time to realise some of my own ideas.

The advantage of the season in Cape Town is that there are good international models locally who have time between jobs for test shoots.

Sandro Bäbler Beauty

Thus I was able to persuade the twins, Aida and Leva, from Vision Models to shoot a free editorial without any specifications. It is a privilege to be able to get such models for tests, they are very experienced, have lots of energy and are uncomplicated.”

The whole series of images has been kept in black and white and I worked with only one light source. Keep it simple!

Equipment used:
- broncolor Senso with Litos with 150cm Octabox
- Two black and one white polystyrene wall which I used as a shadow darkener or brightener.

models: Ieva Aniulyte & Aida Aniulyte at Vision Models Cape Town
stylist: Catherine Bowen
make up: Renee De Sambento
hair: Kevin Epstein
studio: photohire SA, South Africa

“Unendingly long preparation and one quick snap” by Dimitar Mitev

Dimitir_02Dimitar Mitev is Bulgarian photographer having more than 20 years experience in the field of advertising photography. He prefers the studio photography.

“For me advertising photography turned into a way of thinking as well as a personal cause. It turned into space, where I display my stand point towards art. This is my contribution to make out of advertising not only a provocative vision, but something to remember, something harmonious and beautiful. I approach even the simplest tasks as serious technical challenges. I love the precision in my work. My special attention to each detail is decisive for the final result.

For the shooting of the present pictures I was given total freedom on the behalf of my client so I took advantage of that and let my imagination roam. I used professional ballet-dancers for models, and constructed the setting in an industrial building.

The shooting of the present compositions requires quick impulse because of models’ and paint’s movement, but requires also great power of the impulse because of the spacious room that had to be lighted. My broncolor gear with its 3200 J, covers these requirements perfectly.

There are subjects and themes that are inexhaustible and eternal. There are inspiring and never aging models. There are clients, with whom each session is another challenge, by which you might compete with yourself. I love these moments. I have favourite sessions that are not dependant on time. Some things do not require high budget to be realized – the only needed is great enthusiasm and a lot of love.

In a world, where software and technical equipment turned photography into quite an affordable hobby and an easy way one to express himself – there photography still means to me way of thinking, way of life and of existing.


Actually, for me photography is a lonely occupation. Great part of the work happens in my head. The rest is imagination, curiosity and pedantry…. unendingly long preparation and one quick snap.”



Video Fashion + Art + Photography
For the second time, FASHION POSES STREET SHOW has presented an urban, artistic, high-quality photo shoot in Bilbao. The streets of Bilbao were the perfect setting for spec­tacular photographic sessions which took place at different locations in the city.

The photographic session was captured by the lens of the renowned photographer Lucho Rengifo, well-known for his impeccable career in fashion and advertising, as vouched for by his work for clients such as Lancome, Etiem, Mercedes de Miguel, Isabel Zapardiez, J+G, Kutxabank, BBVA and Caja Laboral, his successful “Calendario de Bomberos de Bilbao” and his participation as official photographer in “El calendario del año”, a television programme broadcast by the channel ETB2.

Fashion Poses

Lucho Rengifo, together with his superb team of professionals: stylists, make-up artists, hair­dressers and the best designer brands, were responsible for bringing Fashion Poses Street Show to life.

The session was one of a number of photographic sessions held at different loca­tions in the city. Each photograph corresponded to an artistic setting, which was mounted in the streets. And so a real photo shoot took place, in real time and in view of all passers-by. Surprise ses­sions took place, brought to life by a group of dancers, who performed impressive choreogra­phy in the pure style of a New York flash mob, and, as is usual with Lucho Rengifo, a spec­tacle was guaranteed.

Each session was presented by a fully prepared model (make-up, hairdressing, costume, etc.), who demonstrated the most typical poses from the illustrated book FASHION POSES, an original, in­novative handbook designed by the renowned photographer Lucho Rengifo, which includes the poses which have launched the best models in the world to fame.

Fashion Poses Street Show was born with the intention of moving fashion onto the streets and combining it with the urban environment. Transforming itself into a valuable showcase in which artistic talent in different disciplines is fused: designers, stylists, make-up artists, artists, dancers, actors, etc.

Fashion Poses

Our task is to create a positive approach towards the public, to attract its attention and capture its interest. In short, we claim to be a communication channel between the spectator and our group of artists. In what way? With innovative, creative, attractive activities guaranteeing a high-quality show on the streets and accessible to everybody: this is Fashion Poses Street Show.

Fashion Poses

Lighted by broncolor with Move 1200 L and Para 88.

Wings For Life World Run “Running for those who can’t” – Photo: Rutger Pauw

Wings for lifeKees-Jan Van Der Klooster, a Dutch paralympic sit-skier who will be attending the paralympics in Sotchi. He’s looking forward to the Wings For Life World Run.

The Wings for Life World Run will see the whole spectrum of athletes from part-time joggers and amateurs to professional athletes compete in a unique race format that has no fixed distance, and every runner around the world will start at precisely the same time. Thousands of runners will set off on May 4, 2014 at 10am UTC along routes in up to 40 different locations on five continents in varying light and weather conditions. Runners in California will start at 3am local time while competitors in Germany will set off at midday and people in Taiwan have a 6pm start.

The cause is charity Wings for Life, whose mission is to find a cure for spinal cord injury.Wings For Life is a non profit organisation trying to raise funds to find a cure for spinal chord injuries, which is a condition more and more athletes are struggling with these days. The plan is to have a 100 km run all over the world in every country that starts at exactly the same time, the distance people run is not important, it’s about getting together raising funds to cure this horrible condition.

Kees-Jan Van Der Klooster is one of the most positive determined people you’ll ever meet, he actually does more sports than most able bodied people will do in a lifetime, and he’s good at it. A true inspiration.

Photographer Rutger Pauw

Flashlight: Move 1200L

Wings For Life World Run
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